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Mar 182017
#HDV - Sustained Development

  “Emergency housing is being tackled in Tottenham North East London, American prefabricated homes provided Under ‘Lease Lend’ are build”… This quote could be from a current news item but it is not! It is from a news real from 1945 – Watch the historic footage above. Lease Lend? Lend Lease?  There is nothing new under the sun,  The Read More…

Mar 162017
#HDV - Haringey at MIPIM Cannes France, again?

This week the global property conference MIPIM 2017 opened in Cannes France. Despite having already chosen their preferred Developer for the 50;50 joint venture development vehicle, Haringey sent 5 delegates to Cannes again – 2 councillors and 3 officers. Is Haringey having cold feet about Lendlease? Are they still shopping around? Or are they just having a Read More…

Mar 082017
#HDV Political Football

Yesterday (7.3.17) in the shortest ever cabinet meeting, Haringey leadership voted to ignore and dismiss mass protest, councillors, unions and public concerns over cabinet plans to hand over public assets to a private developer through the creation of Haringey Development Vehicle #HDV.  In a box ticking exercise a small cabinet of 9 members plow on driving a head Read More…

Mar 052017
#HDV | 24 Housing | 3.3.17 | £8bn of £51bn goes to affordable housing

The figures, compiled by the Chartered Institute of Housing as part of its UK Housing Review, reveal that despite a renewed commitment from the government to solve the housing crisis just 16% of the total funding it has earmarked for housing over that period will directly support the building of new affordable homes.

Mar 042017
TCP | 28.2.17 | #HDV Contested Development

“…Prior to the council’s decision to proceed with the HDV, Tottenham Community Press visited Northumberland Park to speak to local people about the estate’s future. Very few had heard about the HDV, although most were aware the council was planning some kind of redevelopment…I heard they want to regenerate the area by throwing people out and bringing middle-class people in….”

Mar 032017
#HDV - Overview and Scrutiny Committee  2.3.17

The Committee considered 2 call-ins submitted by both sides of the political spectrum, both were highly concerned about it and asked Haringey Overview and Scrutiny Committee to defer this monumental decision to allow more time to consider the structure proposed, the risks attached, and perhaps not surprising address the issue of meaningful public consultation. Watch the video of the full meeting.

Feb 252017
#HDV - Political FreeFall

Why over 30% of local councils have created Development Vehicles? Why NONE have gone for a joint venture with a developer? Advice from two who tried and failed – Don’t do it! What does Haringey do? Jumps right in… Can Haringey go it alone?

Feb 242017
#HDV news on LSCC London Stansted Cambridge Consortim

The HDV will also own and manage the Council’s commercial property portfolio – a mixture of shops, offices, industrial estates and other buildings which the Council has historically maintained as a source of income. Cllr Kober says: “the Council has not done this job especially well in recent years”, and that the portfolio is not providing as much as income as it could, and could be working harder to support the kinds of business and job creation which the council wants to see.”

Feb 212017
FT | 15.2.17 | Hazardous British Public Finance

“While local authorities are furiously selling assets to plug gaps in their budgets resulting from central government funding cuts, they have simultaneously been accumulating property assets across the country. Such has been the buying spree that they are now a significant force in the commercial property market. This is largely thanks to cheap finance provided by an arm of the UK Treasury.”…