#HDV Political Football

HDV Political Football
#HDV – Demolition with a smile – Haringey play political football with people’s lives

Yesterday (7.3.17) in the shortest ever cabinet meeting, Haringey leadership voted to ignore and dismiss mass protest, councillors, unions and public concerns over cabinet plans to hand over public assets to a private developer through the creation of Haringey Development Vehicle #HDV. 

In a box ticking exercise a small cabinet of 9 members plow on driving a head the HDV plans, despite large number of councillors on both sides having grave concerns regarding the risks attached to such a deal, and the secure future of residents set to loose their homes and their tenancies in the first phase of the so called ‘REGENERATION’ of Northhumberland Park.  

We’ve heard the same old sound bites of empty reassurances, and excuses that no one believes over and over again –  repeating something does not make it true but rather raise suspicions. 

It must be asked why would the cabinet be so reluctant to side with their own party members, who asks for more scrutiny and caution when it comes to such an important decision which will effect so many lives?

The other question that comes to mind is; What is the rush? 

The meeting which was originally scheduled to 7:00pm actually took place an hour earlier at 6:00pm. Watch the meeting here



A list of who is for and against 

We compiled the list below based on information that was available to us, if you find you are on the list but on the wrong side please contact us and we will be more then happy to correct it.

If you live in Haringey and you feel your councillor does not represent your views regarding HDV – talk to them, write to them, asking them to reconsider their position. 

  1. Peray Ahmet
  2. Kaushika Amin
  3. Jason Arthur
  4. Eugene Ayisi
  5. Dhiren Basu
  6. Barbara Blake
  7. Clare Bull
  8. Joanna Christophides
  9. Ali Demirci
  10. Natan Doron
  11. Sarah Elliott
  12. Tim Gallagher
  13. Joe Goldberg
  14. Eddie Griffith
  15. Adam Jogee
  16. Claire Kober
  17. Toni Mallett
  18. Jennifer Mann
  19. Stephen Mann
  20. Liz McShane
  21. Peter Mitchell
  22. Ali GulOzbek
  23. James Patterson
  24. Sheila Peacock
  25. Lorna Reith
  26. Raj Sahota
  27. Alan Strickland
  28. Bernice Vanier
  29. Elin Weston
  30. Charles Wright 
  1. Makbule Gunes
  2. Gina Adamou
  3. Pat Berryman
  4. Mark Blake
  5. Stuart McNamara
  6. Vincent Carroll
  7. Zena Brabazon
  8. Noah Tucker
  9. Reg Rice
  10. Isidoros Diakides
  11. Charles Adge
  12. Kirsten Hearn
  13. Anne Stennett
  14. Joe Ejiofor
  15. Felicia Opoku
  16. Gideon Bull
  17. Emine Ibrahim
  18. John Bevan
  19. David Beacham
  20. Clive Carter
  21. Pippa Connor
  22. Gail Engert
  23. Bob Hare
  24. Liz Morris
  25. Martin Newton
  26. Viv Ross
  1. David Lammy
  2. Catherine West


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