About GreenN8

GreenN8 is a community group based in the north of London, London N8. GreenN8 the group and website were formed in June 2004 in response to a planning application to build a concrete batching plant in what is predominantly a residential area, home to many young families and a thriving community.

The plan to build a concrete batching plant in this area outraged local people and what started as few neighbours meeting to discuss the proposed development, soon became a very large, united and active group with members from many wards, extending far beyond the postcode of N8.

GreenN8, the community group is not affiliated with any particular political parties, or environmental groups, though some of our members may well be. GreenN8 aimed to be a unifying force and indeed through the different campaigns over the years GreenN8 inspired many to come forward, work together and contribute their time and talent to a variety of campaigns.

GreenN8 Aims

Initially this page had the following points as the group general aspiration. They still encapsulate and reflect what Greenn8 is all about.

  • Promote a green and sustainable quality of life for the N8 community
  • Inform N8 residents of local developments and projects
  • Facilitate a virtual platform for local residents to actively unite to determine and shape their living environment for current and future generations
  • Coordinate any activity virtual or otherwise to achieve the above

Donating to GreenN8 

We have a bank account were we invite everyone to donate as much as your heart and pocket permits.

Account name: GreenN8 Group
TSB Bank plc
Sort code: 
Account no. 19920568

Funds can be paid in:

  • By direct transfer
  • Deposit cheque or cash directly into the account in the local TSB Bank plc

Funds collected are used to cover all expenses of GreenN8 activities.