CPZ – Follow the money

Updated 6.3.11 Haringey figures on Parking and enforcement don't add up Discrepancies found compering Haringey annual reports published in 2010 and Haringey response to FOI Feb 2011 On the 28…

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CPZ – Green or Greed

last updated 2.9.16 Photograph By Alan Stanton Haringey's Consultation notices on Changing CPZ permit charges to a CO2 emissions charges 2007. Parking Charges based on CO2 emissions 2007 – Haringey announced…

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CPZ – The Cost

2016 Here we are, 10 years on from the first attempt of Haringey council to introduce a CPZ into the west side of the borough and true to form the…

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CPZ – in Haringey

First Published in 2006 | lat updated 31.8.2016 Why do we need controlled parking zones in Haringey? Maybe the right question here is not WHY do we need CPZ, but rather…

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High Density Housing and Transport

GN8 Deputation, full council UDP The past To demonstrate how important your decision today will be - whether to adopt; partially adopt; or not adopt at all the Haringey Emerging…

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