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Haringey secret consultation on hikeing CPZ permits yet again is almost over… Few days before it ends, Haringey sent few emails around, on their website in very small print, they tell the public: “We are proposing changes to our parking permits scheme. See the Permits price list page for details.” The consultation ends on the 23.2.2018.

When you follow through to the ‘permit price page’, Haringey explains away the reasons for their action.

“Haringey has reviewed its parking permit structure and is proposing full alignment with that used by the DVLA. In doing so, we have also referred to government and EU guidance on issues of public health and air quality standards.  See the full details and the proposed price tariff (PDF, 168KB)”

Realy? So out of touch they are, do they really believe people buy into this nonsense?

We have covered the issues of both the CPZ cost and try to assess whether or not this policy actually reduce CO2 emission in Haringey ever since GreenN8 mounted a campaign against the roll-up of CPZ into The N8 and N10 postcodes in 2006.

12 years ago when Haringey cabinet plotted the introduction of CPZ to N8 and N10 they claimed that people were asking for it. Of course, we didn’t at that point. Then they claimed the CO2 based charges (price hike), is aimed at changing peoples behavior and will reduce CO2 emissions. However, going through Haringey cabinet’s documents at the time, we quickly discovered that the real motivation was as it always is the insatiable appetite for more money! 

At the time, we predicted that the CO2 based CPZ charges will create a surplus of funds, which was unlawful. We were right of course… it was £500,000 in the first year, and now balloons to nearly 10million pounds a year. 

Every time Haringey put the cost of the permit up, we ask what is the current level of that surplus…

As you may imagine it has been going up and up! and the question of the lawfulness of raising the cost of permit still remains

Rising cost of CPZ residents permits

CO2 Emission Band (CO2 g/km) New charge Annual £ New Charge 6 Monthly £ Current charge (1st permit per household) Current charge (2 and subsequent permit per household)
Up to 100 20.00 NA £22.90 £22.90
101 -110 30.00 15.00 £57.10 £91.30
111 – 120 40.00 20.00
121 – 130 60.00 30.00
131 -140 80.00 40.00
141 -150 100.00 50.00
151 -165 140.00 70.00 £114.20 £148.40
166 -175 160.00 80.00
176 – 185 180.00 90.00
186- 200 200.00 100.00 £171.30  £228.40  
201-225 220.00 110.00
226-255 260.00 130.00
over 255  280.00  140.00

The full details and the proposed price tariff (PDF, 168KB)

No information on the rising cost of second and subsequent permit per household

Haringey hikes CPZ permits price despite an annual surplus of £9,549,732 

last time I checked Haringey parking and traffic enforcement annual report was a few years ago 2015/16 Haringey was having a surplus of £9,549,732 so putting the price up again is hardly justified here are the figures

On Street Income and Expenditure 

Income by source Source 2014/15 £ 2015/16 £
PCN income (net of movement on bad debt provision) 10,298,577 8,802,612
PCN CCTV (net of movement on bad debt provision) NA 1,418,587
Permits 3,573,125 3,763,981
Pay and Display 2,583,462 2,776,061
Skips 191,097 229,081
Car pound 633,678 640,409
Total 17,279,939 17,630,731


  2014/15 2015/16
Total expenditure £7,852,515  £8,080,999

Off-street Parking

  2014/15 2015/16
Income £538,000 £629,377
Expenditure  £568,392 £567,218
Deficit  – £30,392 £62,159

2014/15 Parking Surplus £9,427,424 (Excess income over expenditure)

2015/16 Parking Surplus £9,549,732 (Excess income over expenditure)

2016/2017 parking and traffic enforcement annual report is nowhere to be found…

129% increase in visitor permits proposed

By Paul Soper 

Haringey plans a 129% increase in the cost of two-hour CPZ parking permits you have only 7 days to object…

Haringey are proposing ludicrous and expensive changes to the system for temporary parking permits which will affect residents in two-hour zones particularly heavily.

At present, it is possible to purchase a two-hour permit for a two-hour zone so that a visitor, whether private or trade, can park legally without fear of being issued with a PCN. This costs 70p at present. Under the proposal, this two-hour permit is being discontinued and it will become necessary to purchase two one hour permits. At the moment they cost 35p each but under the new proposal, they will cost a staggering 80p each so that a two-hour permit will effectively become £1.60 – a 129% increase in cost.

There is a little bit of good news – the will be no limit on the number of permits you can purchase (hooray!) but you will have to use them ‘within the year of purchase’. How many people can forecast how many of these wretched permits they will need? What happens if there is an increased need for permits towards the end of the year, for example, a care crisis that requires relatives to visit more often than they need?

If you live in a full-day parking zone the current cost of a permit is £3.50 and this will go up to – £3.50. So residents in all day zones suffer no increase whatsoever whilst those in a two-hour zone face a 129% increase.

You haven’t got long to protest either – Anne Cunningham, head of parking at Haringey, apparently published the order on February 2nd and you have 21 days from that date to object – however emails were only sent out to residents who have parking permits on 15 February – allowing a mere 7 days for protest. Thank you, Haringey.

Details of how to protest – “Any person desiring to object to the proposed Order or make other representation should send a statement in writing of either their objection and the grounds thereof or of their representation to the Traffic Management Group, River Park House, 1st floor, 225, High Road, Wood Green, N22 8HQ or to traffic.orders@haringey.gov.uk within 21 days from the date of this Notice”

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