Constituency Boundary Change

Oct 182017
Result! Stroud Green to stay in Hornsey and Wood Green

Boundary Commission published it’s Revised proposals on 17.10.17 which sets out the new constituencies. Comments on the revised proposals can be submitted until 11.12.17. You can use the map on that page on their site to view the proposals, compare them with our initial proposals, your existing constituency and see how they relate to local government boundaries Read More…

Apr 242017

On the 19 April, 2017 The Boundary Commission put out a statement on their website regarding the newly announced General Election on the 8th of June 2017.   “This election will be held on the current Parliamentary boundaries, and will elect 650 MPs across the UK” The work of the Boundary Commission will continue as planned Read More…

Mar 092017
Boundary Commission 2nd pahse consultation

A map published by the boundary commission showing consultation response in Stroud Green Haringey where large numbers oppose being annexed to Tottenham Boundary Commission published the first phase consultation response and are now asking us to comment on those comments. The 2nd phase of the consultation will end on the 27 of  March 2017. To view the Read More…

Nov 252016
Boundary Changes in Stroud Green - Catherine West MP Addressing Public Meeting

Catherine West MP for Hornsey Wood Green addressing a public meeting held in Stroud Green (24.11.16) on the hotly opposed boundary changes.

“What the boundary Changes seeks to do is part of a package of measures which would leave the lords completely as it is, I don’t know what the view of the lords is, there are lots of experts in the lords, but there is nothing stopping them standing for an election, in my view… we could have an elected lords and reduce it from about 900 to maybe 300 and leave the commons as it is! That is my own view, and one which was made very eloquently by Pat Glass MP last Friday in the house of commons.”

Nov 212016
Constituency Boundary Changes are back 2016 - 2018

IF YOU DON’T WANT STROUD GREEN TO BE  IN TOTTENHAM Tell the boundary commission  NOW!!!! We only have until Monday 5th of December to respond to the boundary commission proposal to annex Stroud Green into Tottenham Like a bad penny, Constituency Boundary Changes are back on the agenda and a new process of consultation has just began (13.9.2016) We’ve Read More…

Nov 232011

  Please visit the Boundary Changes 2016/2018 IF YOU DO NOT WANT STROUD GREEN TO BE IN TOTTENHAM DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT NOW!!! last updated 23.11.11 The next general election seems a long way away, but when the time comes, many people are in for a big surprise. If you live in Stroud Read More…