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Haringey Leader makes HDV rationale clear

Haringey Leader makes HDV rationale clear – Claire Kober has released an article in which she makes clear the rationale for the Haringey Development Vehicle, which has received some criticism from residents.

londonsc | LSCC | 20/01/2017

The article discusses the council owned land – much of which is unused or underused – and describes it as a “massive opportunity”, but one that the council cannot exploit on its own.

She explains that Haringey Council have chosen not to simply sell the surplus land for development, but to bring together their land with private cash and expertise in a joint venture – the Haringey Development Vehicle – giving the council continuing interest in and revenues from the land and what is built on it.

The HDV will also own and manage the Council’s commercial property portfolio – a mixture of shops, offices, industrial estates and other buildings which the Council has historically maintained as a source of income.  Cllr Kober says:

the Council has not done this job especially well in recent years”, and that the portfolio is not providing as much as income as it could, and could be working harder to support the kinds of business and job creation which the council wants to see.”

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