#HDV – Overview and Scrutiny Committee 2.3.17


On Thursday 2.3.2017 the Overview and Scrutiny Committee (See video below) considered 2 call ins challenging Haringey Cabinet decision to proceed with a controversial Joint Venture Development Vehicles and move on to the next stage of selecting a preferred Developer.

The 2 call ins were submitted by both sides of the political spectrum of Haringey council, both are highly concerned and asking Haringey Overview and Scrutiny Committee to defer this monumental decision and allow more time to consider the structure proposed, the risks attached, and perhaps not surprising address the issue of meaningful public consultation on a plan that will effect every person living in Haringey for the next 20 years. 

If you are in council housing, housing association, or renting a council owned commercial property  – this may effect you greatly – we would like to encourage everyone to look into it and learn how this plan may effect the security of your future. 

The Call In Document:

Reading those documents unravel very interesting details and facts.  This is a huge step into the unknown and one that should be considered carefully. 

It most definitely merit a whip free vote by Haringey full council!


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