TCP | 28.2.17 | #HDV Contested Development

Tottenham Community Press

Contested Development is the cover story of Issue # 3 of the Tottenham Community Press  just published. An excellent over view of the issues. 

James Cracknell | TCP | March April 2017

“The deal has been described as posing “unacceptably high risks” for which it is “far less clear what there is to gain than what there is to lose”.  A “paucity of consultation” with local people and an “unequal relationship with the private sector” were said to be among a series of key concerns about the council’s new partnership with a corporate developer…

…Prior to the council’s decision to proceed with the HDV, Tottenham Community Press visited Northumberland Park to speak to local people about the estate’s future. Very few had heard about the HDV, although most were aware the council was planning some kind of redevelopment…

…I heard they want to regenerate the area by throwing people out and bringing middle-class people in….”

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