A community group based in north London GreenN8 the group and website were formed in June 2004 in response to a planning application to built a concrete batching plant in what is predominantly a residential area, home to many young families and a thriving community. Many years forward and many campaigns later we grow and evolve.


A judicial review was heard in the High Court, Royal Courts of Justice, The Strand, London on 25 and 26 October, The decision was issued on 8 February 2018 Comment on the court decision are available on the StopHDV website.

Justice Ouseley made his decision on Gordon Peters’ claim for judicial review of Haringey Council’s decision to set up the HDV. He refused the review on all four counts. Gordon Peters and StopHDV will appeal this decision to the Court of Appeal.

If not stopped, Haringey will transfer over the entire public property portfolio – a mix of land, housing and commercial property, not for peanuts, not for a peppercorn, BUT FOR NOTHING! Instead of payment, Haringey is handing over our public assets for a promise of 50% share of profit.

Under the veil of ‘Regeneration,’ Haringey plan to demolish over 1000 existing homes mainly social housing, schools and community facilities to build high-density housing for private sale and rent instead. Residents living in Northumberland Park – an entire community are to be ‘decanted’, their homes demolished, without solid assurances of a right to return. Get involved now before it is too late.

A brief summary of the case and context are here. transcript StopHDV High Court hearing or download the PDf


The Boundary Commission  Revised proposals, published on 17 October 2017, set out the new constituencies in London. And we can comment on the new proposals until 11 December 2017. The revised proposal is available from here. You may be pleased to know Stroud Green is still part of Hornsey and Wood Green.

We’ve been there, done that, and successfully opposed it before(2011), however, the Boundary Changes 2011 proposals were dropped by the coalition government and picked up again by the current administration.

The first round of public consultation ended on the 5th of December 2016. Final proposals will not be made until 2018.

The Boundary Commission published the first phase consultation responses and are now asking us to comment on those comments. The 2nd phase of the consultation will end on the 27 of  March 2017.

To view the comments made in the first part of the consultation for your area one can narrow the search by postcode existing constituency and more, and it is also possible to download a CSV file of all results.


Haringey secret consultation on hikeing CPZ permits yet again is almost over… Few days before it ends, Haringey sent few emails around, on their website in very small print, they tell the public: “We are proposing changes to our parking permits scheme. See the Permits price list page for details.” The consultation ends on the 23.2.2018.

12 years ago when Haringey cabinet plotted the introduction of CPZ to N8 and N10 they claimed that people were asking for it. Of course, we didn’t at that point. Then they claimed the CO2 based charges (price hike), is aimed at changing peoples behavior and will reduce CO2 emissions. However, going through Haringey cabinet’s documents at the time, we quickly discovered that the real motivation was as it always is the insatiable appetite for more money! 

The consultation ends on the 23.2.2018

Anyone who wishes to object to the proposed order should send a statement
in writing of their objection to the:
Traffic Management Group,
River Park House, 1st floor, 225, High Road,
Wood Green, N22 8HQ
or email

Past Campaigns

GreenN8 first campaign was in opposition to a planning application by ‘London Concrete’ to build a concrete batching plant in Cranford Way N8. The campaign started in 2004 and lasted over 5 years. At the time very few councils had a planning portal with applications documents on line. One had to either sit in the library or council offices to read the one and only copy of over 500 pages of detailed impact assessment documents. The GreenN8 website was created to enable the wider community to have easy access to the application documents, but quickly evolved into a powerful tool and a hub of activity.

“GreenN8 was one the first community groups to use the internet as a campaign tool developing an interactive website which provided information while also providing residents with the opportunity to comment and communicate with one another” Lessons for the big society, chapter 6.

The London Concrete campaign was followed by other campaigns on UDP, CPZ, Boundary changes and more. Past campaigns are archived and can be explored both here and on an older GreenN8 site.