Boundary Changes in Stroud Green – Catherine West MP Addressing Public Meeting

“What the boundary Changes seeks to do is part of a package of measures which would leave the lords completely as it is, I don’t know what the view of the lords is, there are lots of experts in the lords, but there is nothing stopping them standing for an election, in my view… we could have an elected lords and reduce it from about 900 to maybe 300 and leave the commons as it is! That is my own view, and one which was made very eloquently by Pat Glass MP last Friday in the house of commons.”

Catherine West

In 2011 GreenN8 campaigned to stop Stroud Green become part of Tottenham. The boundary commission accepted the views of Stroud Green resident – In their 2013 revision, the Boundary Commission agreed to leave Stroud Green where it is in Hornsey and Wood Green.

Now in 2016 we are back to sq one with another round of ‘Boundary Change Consultation’ where Stroud Green is proposed to be moved to Tottenham yet again.

This video features Catherine West MP for Hornsey Wood Green addressing a public meeting held in Stroud Green (24.11.16) on the hotly opposed boundary changes.

Parliamentary Constituencies (Amendment) Bill discussion in Parliament.


with Catherine West
MP of Hornsey and Wood Green 

On Thursday 24 November 18:00 – 20:00
St Aidans Primary School, Stapleton Hall Road, London N4 4RR

The meeting was very well attended over 100 people turned up to discuss those proposals. Due to time constrains and since it is important to get the word out we divide the footage of the meeting to 2 parts this is the first part of the meeting, the rest is yet to come. 

The meeting is kindly organised by members of the Stroud Green Resident Association (SGRA) and Hornsey Vale Community Association.

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