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If you like to get involved click here

Attend a public meeting| Updated 20.7.06

Tuesday 25th July 7:30pm
Holy Innocents Church, Tottenham Lane
(corner of Rokesly Avenue)
This meeting will be jointly hosted by CEfP & GreenN8.
Other groups and anyone interested are all invited to join us there.

Help inform people of the Public Meeting

10 lamp post posters on every road

  • Print 10 of the street poster (cpzmeeting.pdf) or print 1 and photocopy as needed
  • Put in protective document pockets or laminate them
  • Punch 2 holes at the top
  • Put a string through the holes or use tape
  • Hang on lamp post or trees along your street 10 per street highly effective (don’t heart our trees with pins please)

Other places

Libraries, shops, surgeries, schools, clubs, community centres and anywhere else you may think of. We need those posters on every street! If your street don’t have them it means you still need to do it!

Hand out A6 leaflets  (same information)          

If you print 10 of the multicpzmeeting.pdf , you will have 40 leaflets to hand out, put in shops, GP surgeries, hair dressers or simply hand out to other parents on the school run. Feel free to be creative.

If every GreenN8 member did it just that we will have over 4000 street posters and 16,000 leaflets handed out. That is impressive!

CPZ UDP Protest Monday | 17th of July
the 17th of July full council meeting                        
wood green Civic Centre N22

Many people turned up on Monday the 17th of July at wood green Civic Centre where full council meeting took place. The full council meeting was set to vote in the New and controversial UDP. The vote as expected went 29 Labour in favour 24 Lib Dem against.

Major council meetings are web casted live now a days and some meetings are archived for few month Click here to see the 17.7.06 meeting

To read all about it in the local press click here

What can we do?

Since Haringey are trying hard to conceal the fact that there is a consultation going on, we are once again on a mission to inform the wider community of what is going on. There are so many CPZ consultations all at the same time, and as expected Haringey ignores the fact that some of them overlap in places, creating a need for wider consultation.

The ‘divide and rule’ exercise has failed! As groups from all over the borough are coming together to respond to these proposals and make sure a democratic process takes place and the views of the majority is a determining force!

Sounds like a lot of hard work

We can accomplish rather a lot if we all take part in a small way. Working in small teams is both manageable and has a great by product – working closer together builds great new friendships. So if you feel strongly about this don’t be shy and join us in this campaign.

GreenN8 in coordination with MORRSH, SGRA and Crouch End resident groups would be working together to take things forward while resident groups in Muswell Hill, Fortis Green and Bounds Green are doing the same.

Gathering information and informing the wider community

Learning from past consultations of CPZ’s not far from the current proposals, and given the fact that this is a ‘summer holiday consultation’, and taking into account that consultation leaflets did not reach over 60% of people, we conclude that this consultation is aimed to exclude a lot of people who will be greatly effected by the proposals!

Consultation leaflets DO NOT TELL PEOPLE THE TRUTH on why the scheme is introduced and consulted on, nor does it tell us the true impact it will have, financially, socially or parking wise! So our first port of call is to:

  • Inform people what is going on, and provide truthful information on the effect the CPZ would have on their lives.
  • Encourage everyone to form an informed view, whatever that may be.
  • Encourage all to part take by responding to the consultation and expressing their views!

Can we trust the results of a severally flawed consultation?

In lower Stroud Green Haringey have managed to imposed a CPZ, despite opposing majority! When asked about the result of the consultation, by a local councillor, officers said the majority wanted it. But we found evidence that states other wise. We also discovered that this going on is not unique and that in other places people had to recount consultation forms to discover that forms which where very much in opposition, where counted as a Yes vote.

If we can’t trust Haringey’s consultation process it is a priority that we find out what people want ourselves. Encourage and help people to fill in the official consultation form. Doing so will ensure we have independent and extensive information which is accurate and inclusive!

Our survey forms are simple but will give us valuable information like

  • Did people get a consultation leaflet
  • What are their views on the proposal
  • Do they have parking problem?
  • Do they wish to have a CPZ in their street / area
  • How many cars they own

You can download the form from the links on the right

Get involved

If you feel strongly about this issue, do something about it! Join our teams and help with the various tasks. If many of you come forward, each would have little to do!

Door to door

we looking for Volunteers to join the Data gathering, petitioning, leaflet distribution teams. We ask each volunteer to cover one street. An average size road can be done in 1or 2 evenings. If you can help, please contact any of the area team coordinators directly. To email any of them simply click on their name.

Teams Coordinators:

  • Mandy  –  Hornsey Vale (all streets within Uplands to Ferme park Ridge Rd to Weston park)
  • Catrina – Chattel court
  • Eldridege – Stroud Green (all streets within Ridge road, mount pleasant, Stapleton, ridge road)
  • Frances – Morrsh ( all streets within Tottenham Church lane Rathcoole Ave Weston park Ferme park Rd)

We are also looking for team coordinators and volunteers for the following areas:

  • Tottenham lane, to middle lane, Hornsey high street
  • Hornsey high street, New river village, North View Road
  • Ferme Park Rd, Crouch hill Tottenham lane
  • Church hill, Crouch end hill
  • Middle lane to park rd
  • Park rd, Crouch end hill Coolhurst, Crescent Rd Glasslyn Rd

Remember if each of us is doing very little the impact is great!


Weekend Information stall

Our Weekend Information Stall coordinator is Eldridege. Please contact him directly if you can help with this task.

We are looking for volunteers to man the stall for a 2 hours shifts over the weekends.

The weekend we surveyed 253 Crouch End Shoppers. The result is highly interesting.

  • 65% did not get a consultation leaflet from Haringey
  • Only 6% of the people surveyed, wanted CPZ on their road
  • But only 4% actually wanted pay and display in Crouch End
  • 92% Were against the scheme!
  • 98% own a car



Writing to your MP and local councillors

Tell your elected representative your views. Writing to your local councillors as they looking to gage public opinion. However it is not our local councillors that we have to apply pressure on, but rather the councillors who will make the decision! Getting our local councillors on board is useful for the same reason that they too can apply pressure on the decision makers to follow a democratic process.

Your MP and local councillors

Please note that the following information is not current. It is kept here as is for reference. If you are looking for current local councillors details please visit this page.

Haringey lead members 2006

Leader of Haringey Council
Cllr George Meehan
Leader of Haringey Council
Tel 020 8489 2964

Executive Member for Transport
Councillor Brian Haley
Tel: 020 8340 3260

Executive Member for Planning
Councillor Kaushika Amin

Executive Member for Complaints
Councillor Dhiren Basu
020 8802 2676

Executive Member for Community Involvement
Councillor Lorna Reith
Tel: 020 8376 2310

Local MPs: Hornsey and Wood Green

Lynne Featherstone
You can write to
River Park House, 225 High Road
London, N22 8HQ
Tel: 020 8340 5459
Surgeries are by appointment only
Call 020 8340 5459 for an appointment

Haringey Mayor:

Councillor Gina Adamou (Labour)
Second and fourth Saturday of the month, 11.00 – 1.00pm, 48 Grand Parade, Green Lanes, N4.

Crouch End Councillors

Councillor Ron Aitken (Lib Dem)
Home telephone: 020 8374 2682
First and fourth Friday of the month, 6.00 – 9.00pm The Railway Tavern, Crouch End Hill, N8.

Councillor David Winskill (Lib Dem)
Home telephone: 020 8374 5650
First Saturday of month, 11.00 – 12.00 noon, Hornsey Central Library, Harringey Park, Crouch End, N8

Councillor Lyn Weber (Lib Dem)
River Park House, 225 High Road

Wood Green, LondonN22 8HQ
Home telephone:

Hornsey Councillors

Councillor Monica Whyte (Lib Dem)
River Park House, 225 High Road
Wood Green, LondonN22 8HQ

Home telephone:

Councillor Robert Gorrie (Lib Dem)
River Park House, 225 High Road

Wood Green, LondonN22 8HQ
Home telephone:

Councillor Errol Reid (Lib Dem)
River Park House, 225 High Road
Wood Green, LondonN22 8HQ

Home telephone:

Surgeries are rotated between the Hornsey Ward Councillors
1st Saturday of each month,
10 – 11am, Hornsey YMCA (Boardroom) Tottenham Lane, N8

3rd Saturday of each month,
10 – 11am, Campsbourne Community Shop, Campsbourne Road, N8

4th Wednesday of each month,
7 – 8pm, St Mary’s C of E Junior School, Rectory Gardens, N8

Stroud Green councillors

Councillor Laura Edge (LibDem)
Home telephone: 020 8374 6510

Mobile: 07967336171

Councillor Edmund Butcher (LibDem)
River Park House, 225 High Road
Wood Green, LondonN22 8HQ
Home telephone:

Councillor Richard Wilson (LibDem)
River Park House, 225 High Road
Wood Green, LondonN22 8HQ
Home telephone:


Surgeries are rotated between Stroud Green Ward Councillors

1st Wednesday of each month,
7 – 8pm, Stroud Green Primary School, Woodstock Road, N4

2nd Saturday of each month,
10 – 11am, Hornsey Vale Community Centre, 60 Mayfield Road, N8

4th Saturday of each month
11am – 12 noon, Stroud Green Library, Stapleton Hall Road, N4 

Local Councillors 2006

All Haringey Councillors List

Haringey website provides a comma separated value (CSV) mailing list of all wards councillors click here to visit that page

Email all 57 Councillors in one go