2007-2009 | CPZ in the news


10.12.2009 | Hornsey Journal

Pressuree mounts for CPZ review

CAMPAIGNERS are calling for a review on a controlled parking zone (CPZ) – saying jammed roads are driving residents round the bend.

Councillors in Stroud Green have urged parking bosses to carry out a promised review insisting motorists in roads outside the Finsbury Park CPZ should be brought into the scheme and dedicated van parking spots should be included to help traders. The calls come after a 300-strong survey showed that eight out of 10 residents believe parking has got worse over the last year.

Stroud Green ward councillor Richard Wilson said: “It is clear from our survey that the council needs to act now on the increasing problem local residents are having.” Lynne Featherstone (Liberal Democrat), MP for Hornsey and Wood Green, added: “What more evidence does the council need than a 300-strong survey to show they need to give local residents the opportunity to voice their concerns about parking on their street? They promised a review and now they need to deliver it.”

A council spokeswoman said: “There are no plans this financial year to consult residents for the possible introduction of parking controls to roads within the Stroud Green area.

“However, a review of the Crouch End and Finsbury Park CPZ is on our provisional 2010/11 Parking Programme. If approved, the review will consult the views of residents on the boundary of these existing CPZs.


18.9.2008 | Haringey Indipendent

CPZ extension approved despite opposition

Four new controlled parking areas in Crouch End were given the go-ahead this week.

After a year-long public consultation,Haringey Council’s cabinet decided to implement a Controlled Parking Zone, or CPZ, in 17 roads in Crouch End.

The plans will extend the current Highgate Station Outer and Finsbury Park CPZs to include neighbouring roads, with restrications in force between 10am and midday, Monday to Friday.

Two new zones, A and B, will be created on either side of Crouch End Hill. Zone A will operate between 10am and midday, and zone B, which includes just Hurst Avenue and Avenue Road will run from 2pm to 4pm.

Councillors at a cabinet meeting on Tuesday agreed to implement the parking controls by March 2009, despite 60 per cent of residents voting against the proposals. There was wider support for controls near the border with Islington, where restrictions are already in place.

Councillor Brian Haley, cabinet member for environment and conservation, said: “I appreciate it’s been a very long drawn out process for residents under siege from Islington’s CPZ.

“We had to come up with something that would help to alleviate this.”

However residents in Granville Road, Stroud Green, have been left out of the plans. Clive Coleman, who has lived on the road for nine years, said life on the road is becoming unbearable and residents are being hemmed in by CPZs.

Speaking at the meeting, he said: “We were upset we weren’t included in that consultation. If the new CPZ development comes into being we will be pushed from two sides and it will mean another 60 per cent of people will come and park in our road as that’s all that will be left for them. It’s pretty catastrophic.

“We are genuinely really really distressed about the prospect of not being able to access our homes by car. It will have a devastating effect on all of us.”

Mr Haley replied: “You’re not down for any kind of review or inclusion and that’s the honest truth of it. I can’t say it’s the end of CPZ for your area but we will come back to it in due course.”

06.08.2008 | BBC London

Residents say NO to Controlled Parking Zone

By Valley Fontaine

bbclondon8.08Haringey Council announces the findings of a major parking consultation in the N6 and N8 areas of the borough, but is yet to make its decision Haringey Council has announced the findings of a major consultation on whether residents in N8 and N6 would like new parking controls in their roads.

“This was one of the biggest responses we’ve had to a consultation of this kind. “

Cabinet Member for Environment and Conservation, Cllr Brian Haley

More than 1,250 households responded to the consultation on proposals to introduce a controlled parking zone (CPZ) in residential streets in the area.

The council says plans were drawn up by the council in conjunction with a focus group of local residents and ward councillors in response to increasing concerns about parking pressures in the area, particularly following the introduction of two new CPZs over the borough border in Islington.

Residents were asked if they would like a CPZ introduced in their road:

60% said no;
37 % said yes
3% said don’t know

Residents were asked if there was a parking problem in their road:

50% said no;
47% said yes
1% said don’t know
2% didn’t reply

Those respondents who said no to whether they wanted their road included in a CPZ were then asked whether they would agree a CPZ might be needed in their road if neighbouring roads were included in a zone:

43% said no
37% gave no reply
14% said yes
6% said don’t know.

There was clear support for a CPZ in some roads. These include (based on 10 or more responses):

Mount View Road (95 per cent in favour)
Dickenson Road (86 per cent)
Briston Grove (82 per cent)
Claremont Road (82 per cent)
Hurst Avenue (80 per cent)
Tregaron Avenue (75 per cent)
Stanhope Gardens (74 per cent)
Haslemere Road (70 per cent)
Stanhope Road (69 per cent)
Avenue Road (61 per cent)
Elm Grove (60 per cent)

However, the majority of roads were clearly opposed to inclusion in a CPZ. These include:

The Broadway (100 per cent opposed)
Clifton Road (95 per cent)
Drylands Road (94 per cent)
Wolseley Road (93 per cent)
Glasslyn Road (92 per cent)
Landrock Road (86 per cent)
Lynton Road (85 per cent)
Park Road (85 per cent)
Middle Lane (84 per cent)
Rosebery Gardens (80 per cent)
Ferme Park Road (79 per cent)
Weston Park (77 per cent)
Coolhurst Road (77 per cent)
Crouch End Hill (75 per cent)
Shepherds Hill (75 per cent)
Tivoli Road (74 per cent)
Haringey Park (74 per cent)
Shepherds Close (73 per cent)
Crouch Hill (73 per cent)
Cecile Park (73 per cent)
Crouch Hall Road (69 per cent)
Bourne Road (64 per cent)
Hornsey Lane (64 per cent)
Palace Road (60 per cent)

Cabinet Member for Environment and Conservation, Cllr Brian Haley, said: “This was one of the biggest responses we’ve had to a consultation of this kind and I’d like to thank everyone who replied.

Parking ticket being issued

“Clearly there’s a wide range of views here, with some roads clearly in favour of a controlled parking zone and some clearly opposed.

“We will now study the results in detail to try to find a solution which best addresses residents’ concerns.”

A decision on whether to introduce any CPZ and, if so, which roads will be announced in September.

If the council agrees to proceed with any scheme, there would then be a second opportunity for residents to give views.

Full consultation results can be found on Haringey’s website. 


10.1.2007 | This is Local London

Permit hike as CPZ enters round three

By Caron Kemp

As a third consultation period into the proposed controlled parking zones (CPZs) in Bounds Green, Fortis Green and Harringay is being launched, controversial proposals to increase parking permit costs by 20 per cent have emerged.

The new costs, which would bolster Haringey Council’s income, are different to those outlined in the first two informal consultation documents.

Those consultations resulted in the council dropping plans for a CPZ in Hornsey and removing some roads from other schemes where the majority of residents opposed the plans. The statutory consultation begins today and outlines the roads proposed for the CPZs.

Councillor Martin Newton, Liberal Democrat spokesman for traffic and highways, said: “Labour’s plans for wide expanses of CPZs across the west of Haringey have not come to fruition and have left gaping holes in the Labour council’s budget.

“Having consulted with residents on one set of permit charges, and even before they go to statutory consultation, the Labour council plans an exorbitant 20 per cent rise in permit charges for both residents and traders.

“Labour are just not being honest about needing to raise revenue and the planned CPZs will also not solve many of the individual parking issues that residents and traders experience day to day. These one-option schemes are not the answer to parking problems in Haringey.”

A council spokesman said: “The proposed review of parking permit charges is one of many proposals put forward by officers as part of the pre-budget process. Nothing has yet been agreed.

“Haringey Council last reviewed its residential parking charges in 2002 and it is right that these charges should be reviewed on a regular basis.”

The new CPZ proposals are due to be discussed by the council’s executive in March, while parking permit charges are to be reviewed early this year.

The three proposed CPZ areas are now as follows:

Bounds Green

A two-hour CPZ from Monday to Friday in:
Durnsford Road
Gordon Road
Passmore Gardens
Bounds Green Road
Maidstone Road
Brownlow Road
Queen’s Road
Fletton Road
Herbert Road
Whittington Road
Thorold Road
Northbrook Road
Manor Road
Rhys Avenue
Eastern Road
Imperial Road.


A two-hour CPZ from Monday to Friday in:
Mount Pleasant Villas
Blythwood Road (between Ossian Road and the border with Islington)
Ossian Road
The Grove
Stapleton Hall Road (from the junction with Ferme Park Road to the junction with Oakfield Road).

Fortis Green

A two-hour CPZ from Monday to Friday in:
Twyford Road
Shakespeare Gardens
Western Road
Springcroft Avenue
Southern Road
Bancroft Avenue